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Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt

Apr 2012
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Multi-ply Conveyor Belt

Fabric conveyor belt is constructed of two components known as carcass and covers. The Function of the carcass is to transmit and absorb the tensile forces from the driving pulley, also absorbs the impact that partly when the material passes over the carrying idler.

The carcass consists of one or more plies of textile fabrics with rubber on each side as known as chusion to give adhesion and flexibility. The Longitudinal direction is called warp and the cross direction is called weft. The construction of fabrics may have the same of different material in warp and weft.

The most common construction of fabrics are Polyamide – Polyamide (NN) Polyester – Polyester (EE or PP), Polyester – Polyamide (EP).

The Function of the covers is not protect the carcass and give necessary friction between belt and driving pulley and between belt and material. The covers must resist influences from the transported material and the surrounding environment.

Belt Construction means the combination of carcass and cover. The combination determines whether the belt construction is harmonius and works without problems

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