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Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Apr 2012
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Steel Cord

Steel Cord is transverse – reinforced steel cord conveyor belt line for bulk handling of heavy and abrasive materials. It is specially designed for major conveyor installations and heavy duty service. Can be widely used in coal industry, mines, port metallurgical industry, power plant and chemical industry for conveying materials.

Belt Reinforcement consists of galvanized steel cord and chusion which possesses superior adhesive property. Belt body comprises the reinforcement convered with top and bottom rubber layers. Steel cord is composed of left and right twisting wire and arranged evenly and longitudinally in the belt.


With large strength, long term of service life, small elongation, excellent Troughability and superior flexing resistance, the belt is suitable for conveying materials under the condition of long distance, heavy load and at a high speed.

Types and standard to be Implemented


According to the property of cover, belt can be classified into: general purpose type, flame retardent type, cold resistant type, abrasion resistant type, acid & alkaline resistant type, oil proof type and high grade type etc.

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